Mission & Vision

Our Vision

  • To produce self-disciplined, confident, healthy and globally competitive individuals, filled with National Pride.
  • To nurture the conception of an oasis of learning by designing young minds who seek excellence in every quest, innovation and approach towards life.
  • We seek to be preeminent intellectual and creative centre for effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better humans to portray and personate better humanity.

Our Mission

  • Go beyond the Text Book, Motivate and support the right talent.
  • Provide healthy student-teacher relationship.
  • Provide infrastructure and opportunities for academic and co-academic learning.
  • It is Our Mission that each student will be furnished with the exhilarating surroundings and opportunities for the learning knowledge crafted to provide the best possible educational opportunity.
  • It is the exception of the school that all wards accomplish the common core content at all grades.