Examination Procedure

Apart from monthly examinations, the school conducts two unit tests and two term tests. Promotions at the end of the year to the next higher class is granted based on the student’s overall performance. 40% of formative evaluation, 20% of the 1st term and 40% of the 2nd term are together taken into consideration for granting promotion. Under these promotion rules if any students get less than 33% in aggregate and 33% in individual subject he/she is detained in the same class. Formative assessment is made throughout the year and weightage to formative evaluation is 40%. Minimum 80% of attendance should be maintained for promotion. If a child is not promoted even after the second attempt in one class he/she must withdraw from the school. All the students are expected to take all formative tests, all the Unit and Term Tests. Absentees from any test (expect under serious health grounds) will be treated to have got nil marks in the test concerned. No test will be repeated.

RESULTS OF AISSE (Class-X) Examination Conducted by C.B.S.E, New Delhi:

Since the inception, the results in the AISSE (Class-X) conducted by C.B.S.E is cent percent and the number of students passing with 1st Division is maximum.