Vice-Principal Message

Smt. Kalpana Patro

Vice Principal

“Future of the world is my classroom today”.

Ivan Walton Fitzwater

Dear Parents, Students & Teachers

A school with a difference “Takshashila Residential School” built in an eco-friendly environment, where we ensure to give an environment to the student that help them maintain a balance between their academic and activities. Our constant endeavour is to create a truly positive environment to facilitate learning and building an empowering environment. Curriculum is well designed to cater to the needs of the dynamic world. Besides academic we focus on all-round development through co-curricular activities, celebration, hands on experiences, multifaith prayer, project based learning thus allowing students to explore strengths and talents outside of academics. Our goal as educators is to lay emphasis at all levels to build up student’s capacity beyond just the academic areas. We make every effort to ensure that all students be embedded with a winning culture and decency. As well said by ‘Benjamin Franklin’ Tell me and I Forget, Teach me and I Remember, Involve me and I Learn ………. Our vision is to build an inclusive environment where every student feel they can be their authentic self-valued, safe, winning to take risk and innovate.

Kalpana Patro

Vice Principal