The Everyday Struggles To Be A Woman That Is Clumsy As Hell

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The Day-to-day Struggles Of Being A Lady Who’s Clumsy As Hell

After heavens showered blessings of okay engine skills to creatures on earth, they missed you by a mile. Graceful isn’t a word that may previously be employed to describe you, especially perhaps not once you bump into situations and break all of them on a regular basis. If you’re clumsy as hell, it is possible to probably associate with the immediate following:

  1. A-day does not pass without you acquiring a bruise.

    You can’t stroll five foot without striking one thing or tripping yourself legs. Your friends and relations will always a little concerned whenever you show up appearing like you have done a round with Mike Tyson, even so they do not need to fret — you are just awkward.

  2. Heels are a certain no-go — you stick to dressed in houses.

    You trip even though barefoot or wearing a couple of houses, why on the planet might you actually remember dressed in pumps, wedges or any sneakers around with a back which is over an inches from floor?

  3. Gaining makeup is actually deadly.

    You prefer thick, breathtaking eyelashes like many women… except every time you attempt it, you almost blind yourself with the mascara rod. Ugh.

  4. You can eliminate decorating the nails.

    Despite your best attempts, you cannot ensure you get your new mani to look decent. The finished product is always think its great was accomplished by your 4-year-old small sis than a grown girl. Might stick with normal nails.

  5. You simply can’t wear whatever’s white.

    You own virtually zero white pieces of clothes because you understand you are going to merely finish spilling on your self anyhow. This won’t truly stage you (black colored is much more your own thing, anyhow) but when you consider your
    potential wedding ceremony,
    you begin to obtain somewhat nervous.

  6. The BFFs never ever let you obtain their particular material.

    Even in the event they love you, you have triggered much harm to their own closet and beauty necessities than they truly are ready to overlook. It isn’t you don’t eliminate other people’s house, it is simply that things break thus conveniently… correct?

  7. Your children provides basically child-proofed the house to suit your check outs.

    They bear in mind all also well as soon as you smashed the cup coffee-table or once you inadvertently electrocuted yourself looking to get toast outside of the toaster, so that they keep the number of choices for injury to a minimum.

  8. You experienced too many
    to matter.

    You love the cellphone, you’ve invested too much money changing your own website over and over again — you won’t ever are not able to decrease it, creating a shattered screen. Yes, you employ a situation. Yes, you have a display protector. They’re no match for your epic clumsiness.

  9. You have been mistaken for a drunk.

    Folks you come across with regarding road check judgmental looks as you cannot appear to walk in a straight-line or get down the block without thumping into someone/something. You’re dead sober, nonetheless it is reasonable that other individuals would consider you are not. You contemplate putting on indicative that claims “perhaps not intoxicated, only clumsy” every time you
    go out with friends

  10. You love to boogie, but individuals usually favor that you just sit back.

    You have little to no rhythm additionally the odds of punching men and women on the party flooring are very large, but just who cares? Might dance the night time away because existence’s too-short so that clumsiness substitute your path.

Maine Belonio is actually a twenty-something mother and copywriter having a penchant for coffee, cross country working, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Discover her damaged, honest, and fearless musings at


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